Links & Notes

The inspiration for Atlas came from a Perl-script written by Alexei Novikov which could draw simple maps from the FlightGear scenery files. I (Per Liedman) rewrote that script in C++ which made it several times faster and also easier to extend. I also developed the Atlas map browser so that several map images could be stitched together. Many people have contributed to the project, here are some of them:
  • Alex Perry
  • Christian Mayer
  • Curt Olson
  • Jacek Marczewski
  • Julian Foad
  • Martin Dressler
  • Martin Olveyra
  • Norman Vine
  • Robert Knop
  • Steve Falco

If you feel that you have been left out of this list, please contact me immediately and I will add you.

Atlas is hosted by:
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