Latest News

Released a bug fix release, 0.2.2.
New features in CVS:
  • Support for multiple projection systems.
  • Support for dual resolution maps at different scales, thus improving performance at higher scales.
Released version 0.2.1. New features (mostly thanks to Julian Foad):
  • Better lat/lon grid.
  • GUI and keyboard shortcuts work consistently in Atlas.
  • Some fixed memory leaks and overall improved robustness, as well as improved performance in some cases.
  • AtlasPalette is now included in the distibution. Thanks to Alasdair Campbell for notifying me.
Remade the web design for the Atlas site. Released Atlas version 0.2. New features include:
  • The map making tools now support FlightGear's binary scenery format as well as the old ASCII format.
  • PostScript support in MapPS finally works again. Thanks to Robert Knop.
  • Some issues with longitudes of 0/180 degrees solved.
  • Smooth map shading included (use command line switch --smooth-color). Thanks to Martin Dressler for this nice inclusion.
  • A whole bunch of minor bug fixes.

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