About Atlas

Atlas aims to produce and display high quality charts of the world for users of FlightGear, an open source flight simulator. This is achieved through two main parts: The map creator (simply called Map) and the Atlas viewer.
The map creator takes scenery data from FlightGear and transforms it into beautiful map pictures that can be viewed with any bitmap image program that you might have installed or with the Atlas viewing application.
The Atlas viewing application can be used for browsing your maps but can also connect directly to FlightGear and display your aircrafts current location on a so called moving map display.
Atlas is developed as open source under the GNU General Public License, which basically means that the software is free. For more information on the license, please read the full GNU General Public License.
Atlas is NOT intended for real world navigation. Using it for any other purpose than entertainment is at your own risk. Real world application of this program may cost you your life. Using Atlas for aviation navigation is in fact illegal.
Apart from this, the disclaimer from the GNU General Public License also applies to Atlas.

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